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My name is Anna and I would like to invite you to my professional home-based beauty salon in Edinburgh. My comfortable and relaxing treatment room is an oasis of calm where you can unwind and let yourself be pampered.


My name is Anna. Beauty is my passion for over 15 years. I am professional beauty therapist to provide best treatments how and when you want them.

My treatments incorporate the finest products and are all delivered in my beautifull appointed, state-of-the-art treatment rooms.

I have a wide range of treatments designed to help bring the shine back to your face and the glow back to your skin. Ask out therapists what treatments will best suit you.

At my beauty room I aim to offer you the very finest treatments available.


your beauty is my bussiness



  • Improvement of skin tone, colour and texture

  • Increased elasticity

  • Reduction of enlarged pores

  • Removal of surface skin lines and wrinkles

  • Removal of discolouration caused by sun damage Reduction of oily skin

  • Fresher and younger looking skin













This is a pain-free safe alternative. No downtime. Treatment designed to stimulate the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin. Is the pain-free, needle-free alternative to traditional mesotherapy and provides safe and effective non-invasive trans-dermal delivery of therapeutic solutions. Unlike a serum that nourishes the outer layers of your skin; the mesotherapy infusion goes deeper and nourishes your skin not only from the outside but also from the inside by opening up a microscopic channel in your skin to achieve the penetration needed to get beneath the outer layers. The natural solutions contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that rejuvenate, promote collagen and elastin production, improve hydration and increase skin metabolism. By directly nourishing the cells with vital nutrients, individual’s look more youthful and the solutions stimulate the immune system facilitating rejuvenation that continues post treatment as part of the body’s natural response.


Excellent for:


  • Anti-aging and wrinkle reduction

  • Collagen induction and regeneration

  • Skin hydration, firming and toning

  • Needle-free trans dermal delivery of injection grade natural solutions

  • Non-invasive and pain-free with immediate visible results






The types of chemical peels differ based on how deeply the chemical penetrates and what type of chemical solution is used. Things that may affect the depth of a peel include the acid concentration in the peeling agent, the number of coats that are applied, and the amount of time allowed before the acid is neutralized. Deeper peels result in more dramatic effects as well as higher risks, increased pain, and longer healing time. There are three basic types of peels:



  • Superficial peels are the mildest type of chemical peel and can be used on all skin types. Superficial peels usually use liquid containing a mild (dilute) acid.

  • Medium peels penetrate the skin more deeply than superficial peels and cause a second-degree burn of the skin

  • Deep peels penetrate several layers of skin and cause a second-degree burn of the skin. They are used only on the face. A chemical called phenol is usually used for a deep peel. Deep peels may not be used on darker skin types, because they tend to bleach the skin (hypopigmentation). Even in lighter-skinned people, phenol peels—or any type of deep resurfacing—may bleach the skin. A deep peel can be done only once in most cases.


Recovery time after a chemical peel depends on what kind of peel was done and how deep it was. With all types of peels, proper care of the skin after the peel is very important to speed healing, help results last longer, prevent infection, and avoid color changes in the treated area caused by sun exposure. Proper skin care after a peel is very similar to the care used to prepare for a peel and typically involves:

  • Cleansing the skin frequently with water or a special wash.

  • Moisturizing the skin daily.

  • Avoiding any sun exposure until peeling has stopped and sunscreen can be used. After peeling has stopped, sunscreen should be used every day. New skin is more susceptible to sun damage.


Why It Is Done


  • Superficial peels are used to improve the appearance of pigment changes in the skin, acne scars, mild sun damage, or fine wrinkles in all skin types. They can be done on the face and on other parts of the body. A superficial peel may also be used to prepare the skin for a deeper peel.

  • Medium peels are used to treat mild to moderate wrinkles, long-term sun damage, pigment changes, and precancerous lesions of the skin (usually caused by sun exposure). Medium peels are used most often on the face.

  • Deep peels are used to treat severe wrinkles, long-term sun damage, pronounced pigment changes, and lesions and growths on the skin. They are done only on the face. Deep peels are not done on darker skin types, because they bleach the skin.



How Well It Works


The results of a chemical peel depend in part on the depth of the peel.

  • A superficial peel may slightly reduce but does not eliminate sun damage and signs of aging. The results may not appear for some time, and when they do appear, they may be minimal. Repeated peels are often needed to produce the effect the person wants.

  • A medium peel can be very effective in evening out pigment differences and in reducing fine wrinkles and signs of sun damage. Retreatment may be needed after 3 to 6 months to produce the best effect.

  • A single deep peel eliminates wrinkles and may tighten the skin. The effects are often dramatic. In general, a person cannot have repeated deep phenol peels.





In general, the deeper the peel, the greater the risk of side effects and complications. Chemical peels can result in:

  • Redness (erythema). Expect some redness of the skin after a chemical peel. With deeper peels or with certain skin types, redness can be severe. It may fade within a few weeks, or it may last several months.

  • Color changes in the skin. Treated areas may be darker or lighter than the surrounding skin.

  • Crusting and scaling.

  • Swelling (edema), especially around the eyes.

  • Scarring.

  • Allergic reaction to the chemical.

  • Infection. People who have a history of herpes outbreaks are especially prone to infection after a chemical peel.

  • Increased sensitivity to sunlight.







The gentle way to rejuvenate your skin, dermaroller stimulates your giving collagen production for healthier looking skin. Clinically proven, this treatment is designed to get results for a number of concerns; reduce acne scarring, firm & tighten skin, plump out fine lines & wrinkles.

Dermaroller is a medical device to produce thousands of micro-medicalneedle-columns in the skin. Each column will penetrate into the dermis of the skin and will be approximately 0.1mm in width. The column will close rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly – often in the same day. Your practitioner will use a topical anaesthetic to numb the skin making the procedure comfortable; it will normally take up to 30 minutes for the topical anaesthetic to work and 20 – 30 minutes for the Dermaroller treatment.

Immediately after the treatment it will look like you’ve got moderate sunburn & your skin may feel tighter than usual. This will start to subside after 1 – 2 hours, with only slight redness the following day. It’s important that you wear a broad spectrum SPF 50+ product to protect your skin post-treatment.

How quickly should I expect results?

Your body will start to naturally regenerate and repair the skin, working below the surface in the dermis. It can take up to 6 weeks as new collagen is formed, new skin cells are generated and blood supply is enhanced before visible signs of regeneration and repair are seen. Scarring improvement results (see example below) will be permanent after a course of Dermaroller & skin rejuvenation results will last for at least 6 months. It takes up to 6 weeks for maximum results to be noticed; after 1-3 weeks your texture and tone will improve and any pigment start to lift.  After 6 weeks you’ll notice an improvement to the appearance of lines, wrinkles and scarring






Micro-current Therapy known as Bio-lift was developed over 20 years ago and was originally a medical treatment to re-educate weakened facial muscles in stroke victims and those who have suffered Bells Palsy.

Micro-current has been adapted by the beauty industry to give beauty therapists the ability to offer clients a course of treatments that would effectively tone and firm facial muscle fibre. It is a safe and painless treatment procedure that rejuvenates the skin; giving the clients more healthy looking contours and making them look much younger. After just one treatment there will be a noticeable lift but, depending on the client’s individual skin tone and muscle resistance levels, results can often be very dramatic.

An initial consultation is required with the client to assess their individual body make up. Following this, the client should complete a course of ten treatments spread over a 3-4 week period, after which she will inevitably look "10 Years Younger". To maintain this new lifted and toned appearance the client should then have one treatment per month to maintain their new youthful appearance.

The DermaCo Pro unit uses Micro-current to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin’s surface. The Micro-current emits a very tiny amount of electrical current that, applied to the skins surface, pushes through the dermal layers of the skin tissue and penetrates the muscles beneath. When the current comes into contact with the muscle it re-educates the muscle fibres by using an intermittent electrical current (Faradic) that is biologically compatible with the body’s own natural electrical energy – sometimes referred to as "chi." These muscle fibres contract and relax achieving an incredible end result leaving the client’s skin lifted and toned.

Because the application of Micro-current is sub-sensory there is no pain. Although some clients may feel a slight tingling sensation normally they will only feel the probes and the pressure of muscles being manipulated.






Treatment that uses the phenomenon of ultrasonic wave propagation in liquid centers. Ultrasonic wave in the presence of fluid creates bubbles filled with rarefied gas, which rapidly enlarge and burst. Under the influence of heat and high pressure comes to a very thorough cleaning of the residual layer of skin keratinized epidermis, toxins and secretions of sebaceous glands.


Advantages of cavitation peeling:


  • removes dead skin, tiny blackheads, unblocks pores and cleanses

  • stimulates the cells to natural regeneration

  • firms the skin

  • reduces wrinkles

  • removes the skin located on the bacteria and germs

  • supports the treatment of acne

  • smooths scars

  • prepares the skin for further cosmetic procedures.


This treatment causes the effective exfoliation of dead skin and reveal a younger layer of skin, free from dead cells, excess sebum, bacteria and toxic substances, and residues of cosmetics. The result of purification is apparently smooth and soft to the touch skin, which is prepared to absorb skin care products.



High Frequency

Using high frequency indirectly has four very positive effects upon your skin. It stimulates the blood lymphatic flow. It stimulates heat in the tissue, helps with seboceous secretion and gives a relaxing effect upon your skin. Mature skin clients could benefit from using indirect high frequency for massaging. Since other facial massaging techniques can be quite hard and uncomfortable on a delicate skin, using the high frequency indirectly combats this problem and great results are seen without irritating the skin.

Why should you use high frequency indirectly?

If you are suffering from one of the following conditions, you should consider using the high frequency machine indirectly: Loose and aging skin, especially amongst older generation. If you have had a skin condition that has been operated, you may use indirect high frequency to help heal the skin. If you have scar tissue that is recent, between 4-8 months, Indirect High Frequency can help clear it up. High frequency treatments: a direct high frequency facial uses a glass electrode passed over gauze placed on the skin. This helps dry out spots and has an antibacterial effect, so is good for oilier skins or those with a few specific blemishes.







This is a type of light therapy, also called photon rejuvenation , involves the use of one or more light colors. Many devices have three different lights and each light activates the photoreceptors in the skin. After the receptors are activated, the skin is then able to absorb any photosensitizing agents used, as well as energy. The green and red lights are the two primary lights to target inflammation. The red light is able to penetrate the skin as deep as 10 millimeters, giving it the potential of possibly stopping the inflammatory process completely. It is also able to reduce the potential of acne-related scarring, trigger self-repair and improve blood circulation. All of these are necessary to combat both inflammation and acne. The blue light on this type of device is mainly for battling acne. It is able to penetrate to 0.5 millimeters below the skin and has antibacterial properties and a calming effect. It is able to find and kill the bacteria responsible for causing acne. As an added bonus, this light can also shrink pores. The green light works to help dry and dehydrated skin, as well as has a calming effect. When skin does not have the required moisture, it can become irritated and red. This light also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.


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