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  • Retinol 4%

  • Vitamin C 8%

  • Antioxidants 30%

Retix C effectively rejuvenates, deeply stimulates, exfoliates and regenerates the skin. 4% retinol and innovative Matrix polymer complex, causes elongated and increased penetration into the skin while minimizing concentration.

8% of vitamin C and 30% antioxidants 30% gives extremely effective anti-aging effect and protects the skin.

  • Regulates the process of keratosis of the epidermis

  • Restores collagen fibers, elastin and stimulates skin cell renewal

  • Lightens pigmentation spots and skin imperfections 

  • Increase of skin moisture level by reducing transepidermal water loss 

  • Protection against photo-damage and increase of the natural protective barrier of the skin



The skin is visibly rejuvenated, radiant, uniform, firm and tight, and wrinkles are less visible.


Description of the procedure

  • make-up removal and skin degreasing

  • vitamin C and antioxidants complex application

  • gentle massage

  • retinol application, which must remain on the skin for 6 to 8 hours  (The patient washes off the mask at home)

After 2-3 days, the intense redness of the skin ensues and the process of exfoliation of epidermis (peeling) begins. It takes about 3 days. It is suggested that the procedure should be performed on Wednesday or Thursday so that the process of exfoliation could be at the weekend.

In the period of treatment and one month after its completion, the cream with a high sunscreen filter(Sun protect cream SPF50+) should be applied.



Xylogic Retix C single treatment  £80

Xylogic Retix C + 50% mandelic peel xylogic  £100
Xylogic Retix C + 10% mesopeel salicylic mesoestetic £100
Xylogic Retix C + 30% mesopeel lactic 30% mesoestetic £120
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