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It 's a specifically professional treatment to powerful counteract the acne, with an interaction on the many physiological dysfunctions that are the basis of this skin disease. The synergy of the various constituents in different products, you can perform an action keratolytic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and sebo-balancing. Few treatments are sufficient to promote a speedy normalization and regression of acne skin.

The excess sebum, blackheads and acne in its various forms give many aesthetic inconvenience.

The generic term acne includes a skin condition characterized by inflammation of the hair follicle and functional alteration of the sebaceous gland attached, which increases its bio-activity of secretion. The starting point is the micro-comedo, generated by a defect of keratinization of the hair follicle which causes obstruction of the pilosebaceous duct It therefore forms a small retention cyst containing sebum and keratin. The blackhead can be: open or black point, closed or white point .

It creates an anaerobic environment with accumulation of dead cells and proliferation of various bacteria. From this original acne lesion can evolve into a more or less severe, characterized by the appearance of: pustules, papules and cysts.



- Regularization sebum hyper-secretions

- Removal of keratinous plugs in the pilosebaceous infundibulum

- Large antibacterial action

- Antimicrobial action

- keratolytic action

- Sanitizing action

- Reduce inflammation

- Rebalancing the cell turnover

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